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Slideshow: NPC and CPPCC Meet, Crackdown On Petitioners in Full Swing

From overseas website Boxun News, translated by CDT: Only a few months into the new year, and just after the Lantern Festival, petitioners from all over the country and provincial police officers have gathered en mass around Beijing’s South Station. Within a mile radius of the place, there’s the State Petition Office, the General Office of the State Council and the National People

March 15, 2008

Chinese Seethe on Web Over Rare Riots in Tibet

From Shanghai-based blogger Chow, translated by CDT: The riot scenes on the evening news attracted my attention. But the news only had those one-sided words from the government. I came back home in the night, got online and hoped to experience the power of the Internet. Unfortunately, I only experienced the power of the government controlling the internet. I have known this all along:

March 15, 2008