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The Best Reporting on the Sichuan Earthquake You’ll Never See

Angilee Shah writes in the ChinaBeat blog: Six days after the earthquake struck, Pan went to Muyu District in Qingchuan County, the site of one of the disaster’s biggest tragedies. The Muyu Middle School dormitory had collapsed and buried hundreds of young students who were napping inside. Parents were camped in tents, homeless and looking for answers. Who Killed Our Children

October 25, 2008

Expatriate Blogs: An Online Community

Yao Xu writes in the US-China Today: Meet “SHE in China,” your resource to the country, even if she doesn’t know it. If you’re new to China, this blog details everything from daily matters such as Chinese etiquette to bigger concerns like preparing foreigners for the Beijing Olympics. “When I moved to China I wanted to keep some sort of journal of my

October 24, 2008