Ian Betteridge

At tech conferences, you have an audience that is largely paying attention to their screens, rather than to what’s happening on stage. This means that the reaction of the audience will be magnified, as the reaction is passed from audience member to audience member in real time.

But the problem with an audience which is live blogging, Twittering, and so on is that it’s not paying attention to what’s happening on stage.

虽然网志年会算不上“tech conference”,但这种现象在往届会场上已经很熟悉了,从台上看下去,满场尽是笔记本。而且去年的会场上的一大特点就是专门有个大屏幕实时更新汇集的短信。不知道如果讲台上也能看到同样的在线反馈,会有怎样的效果。