Ai Weiwei’s detention by Chinese authorities has just passed the one month mark. And today, two more big arts names have thrown their weight behind the call for his release (and added their names to the Guggenheim’s human rights petition): The Andy Warhol Foundation and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

艾未未被中国当局拘留已经超过一个月的界限。今天,两大著名艺术家基金会:The Andy Warhol Foundation and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation,加入了全球艺术家要求释放艾未未的请愿

The full joint statement, below:


The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation join the global arts community in calling for the release of artist Ai Weiwei. The detention of this visionary individual, and the subsequent suppression of information concerning his whereabouts and well being, is in direct conflict with those who work to create a more just, enlightened society.

It is encouraging that artistic institutions large and small have moved swiftly and with great compassion to turn their concern into action. Among many others, New York’s Creative Time and the Philadelphia‑based Slought Foundation have both been exemplary in their activities, organizing public events and promoting awareness through social media and diplomatic channels.

We also applaud the efforts of the International Council of Museums, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, the Tate Museum in London, and others who have advocated for the humane treatment and release of Ai Weiwei. As stalwart supporters of the rights of individual artists and free expression in every form, our foundations are proud to add their names to the following petition:

In our capacity as leaders of artist-centered foundations, our primary concern is to ensure that artists everywhere are given the proper access and support they need to remain critical, creative and have their voices heard. As citizens of an interconnected, globalized world, we cannot remain silent when others are being silenced. We urge everyone to become informed about this case and remain attentive to threats to freedom of expression, wherever they may occur.