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Larry Page

As Google co-founder Larry Page reports results for the first time as the chief executive, here is a timeline of how a postgraduate computer science project became the world’s first port-of-call online.

谷歌公司创始人之一Larry Page就第一次成为首席执行官作的报告。下面是一个研究生的计算机项目如何成为世界点击率最高网站的事件年表。

1995 – Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford University, when Brin shows Page, a prospective postgraduate student, around. The two apparently disagree about everything they discuss.

1995年 合伙人Larry Page 和Sergey Brin在斯坦福大学见面,Brin带Page转校园,两人相见恨晚。当时Page还只是个有积极向上的研究僧。


– By this stage both computer science postgraduate students, the two collaborate on a search engine called BackRub, which eventually takes up so much bandwidth that Stanford removes it from the university servers.

1996年 此时,两人合伙做了一个搜索引擎叫BackRub。由于它太消耗带宽,斯坦福大学最终把它从学校的服务器上撤了下来。

1997– The search engine’s name is changed to


, a play on the word “googol”, the term for the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. It is intended to demonstrate their intent to organise the web’s seemingly infinite amount of content.

1997年 搜索引擎的名字变为 Google,来自单词“googol”(意思是10的100次方)。象征着他们想整合容量无限扩大的网络世界的野心。

1998– When Andy Bechtolsheim, founder of Sun Microsystems, makes out a $100,000 cheque to “Google Inc.”, Page and Brin realise that they should probably file for incorporation, and they do so in California on September 4. The company’s headquarters is the modest Palo Alto garage of Google’s now vice-president of advertising, Susan Wojcicki.

1998年 当Sun公司创办人Andy Bechtolsheim准备给谷歌10万美金的投资时,Page和Brin意识到他们应该自己创业,于是当年九月四日于加利福尼亚注册了属于他们自己的公司。公司总部是现在广告部副总裁Susan Wojcicki在帕洛阿尔托的车库。

1999– Having moved to a new office in Palo Alto in February with eight employees, Google’s first press release announces a $25m round of investment from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins. By August they are moving again, to Mountain View, also in Silicon Valley

1999年 二月,他们的八名员工在帕洛阿尔托有了新办公室。在谷歌第一版的发布后,使它们获得了Sequoia Capital和Kleiner Perkins 两千五百万美元的投资。八月时,他们搬进了硅谷。

2000– Google launches keyword advertising sales system AdWords with 350 customers, and is brought on board by Yahoo! as default search provider. By the end of the year it provides search facilities in 15 languages.

2000年 谷歌与350个客户发布关键字广告销售系统Adwords,这使一直以雅虎作为默认搜索引擎的人们认识了谷歌。年底时,已提供15种语言的搜索服务。

2001 – Eric Schmidt is named chief executive and chairman of the board of directors, having formerly served as chief technology officer at Sun Microsystems and chief executive of software company Novell. Image search launches in July.

2001年 曾任过Sun公司首席技术执行官和软件公司Novell首席执行官的Eric Schmidt出任谷歌公司的首席执行官和董事会主席。图片搜索在七月上线。

2003– The American Dialect Society vote ‘Google’ the most useful word of the year for 2002.

2003年 美国方言协会选取“Google”为2002年最有用的单词。

2004 – Initial public offering of roughly 19.6 million shares at an opening price of $85 per share, following a move to new headquarters – the campus-like “Googleplex” – with room for more than 800 employees. Digital mapping company Keyhole is acquired in October: this becomes Google Earth the following February.

2004年 以85美元每股的发行价,集资1960万美元。上市让公司搬到了新总部—可以容下超过800人校园般的”Googleplex”。八月收购了数字绘图公司Keyhole,这成为了来年二月谷歌地球发布的契机。

2006– Google buys online video service YouTube. The search giant by this stage has over 100 domains internationally, including Norway and Kenya.

2006年 谷歌公司收购了YouTube.这一年搜索巨头服务覆盖超过100个国家,包括挪威和肯尼亚。

2007– The share price tops $700 for the first time. ‘Google’ enters the lexicon as the Oxford English Dictionary lists it as a verb. Gmail becomes available to hoi polloi – you previously had to have an invite in order to use the e-mailing service.

2007年 股价首次超过700美元。“Google”以动词进入牛津英语词典。Gmail开放使用(因为先前必须有邀请码才可以)。

2008 – Indexing system for processing links indicates Google searches 1 trillion unique URLs. A new version of Google Earth is launched, incorporating Street View. Browser Google Chrome becomes available earlier than planned after a slight error: the comic-book which had been planned to launch the software is released ahead of schedule.

2008年 处理链接的索引系统预示谷歌搜索可以整合数以亿计的域名。结合街景视图的新版本谷歌地球发布。谷歌浏览器chrome提早发布。

2009– Google Translate now supports 51 languages, with the addition of Swahili, Welsh and Yiddish, equating to 2,550 language pairs. A turn-by-turn navigation system is launched, making lorry drivers the world over ever more dependent on their Android mobile phones.

2009年 谷歌翻译支持51种语言,包括斯瓦西里语,威尔士语,意第绪语,相当于2550种语言对。逐项道路导航系统发布,它可以使卡车司机仅仅使用手机就可以跑遍世界。

2010– The first Google Super Bowl ad:

a cheesy love story

told through search terms. The website changes its name to Topeka for April Fool’s day after the city of the same name in Kansas changes its name to Google in an attempt to bring the company’s experimental fibre network to the city.

2010年 谷歌第一个超级碗广告:a cheesy love story(需要翻墙)。堪萨斯一名为Topeka的城市为申请谷歌1G每秒的光线网络实验,将自己城市名字改为Google,而愚人节那天,网站将名字改为Topeka作为回礼。


Larry Page becomes chief executive

, although Eric Schmidt stays as executive chairman.

2011年 Larry Page成为了首席执行官,Eric Schmidt任执行总裁。






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