明斯特 (威斯特法伦) — Munster (Westfalen)
北莱茵-威斯特法伦 — Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)
大罢工 — Great strike
老毛奇 — Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke
反共产国际公约 — Anti-Comintern Pact
我的奋斗 — Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
卡普暴动 — The Kapp Putsch
反人类罪 — Crime against humanity
马尔梅迪屠杀 — Malmedy massacre
格但斯克大屠杀 — The Gdansk massacre
印度支那共产党总书记 — The Communist Party of Vietnam
赵紫阳 — Zhao Ziyang
专政 — Dictatorship (party)
安源大罢工 — Anyuan great strike
北大法科礼堂 — Peking University Law School Auditorium
藏独 — Tibet Independence Movement
明慧 — Ming Hui (related to Falun Gong)
法轮大法 — Falun Dafa
鲍彤 — Bao Tong (related to June 4th protests)
人民报 (中文) — People’s Daily (Chinese edition)
大纪元時報 — The Epoch Times
多维 — Duo Wei (Chinese newspaper based in the United States)
中俄边界冲突 — Sino-Russian border issue
镇压 — Suppression
群体灭绝 — Genocide (related to Falun Gong)
卖国 — Traitor
清末留学运动 — Late Qing Dynasty campaign of sending students to study abroad
六四事件 — June 4th events (1989 Tiananmen Square protests)
邓力群 — Deng Liqun (historical figure)
共匪 — Communist bandit (“Commie,” used as historical term)
罢工权 — The right to strike
江泽民文选 — Collections of Jiang Zemin
广场绝食团 — Tiananmen Square Hunger Strike Group
异见人士 — Dissident
黄菊 — Huang Ju (politician, historical)
香港立法会 — The Hong Kong Legislative Council
新闻封锁 — News blackout
内蒙古独立运动 — Inner Mongolia independence movement
新疆独立运动 — Xinjiang independence movement
彭泽民 — Peng Zemin (historical figure)
封杀 — Block
大参考 — Dacankao Daily News
色情电影 — Erotic movies
专政机关 — Dictatorship organs
色情按摩 — Sexual massage
政治迫害 — Political persecution
关于进一步做好刑满释放、解除劳教人员促进就业和社会保障工作的意见 — Views on how to better help inmates who are released after prison term or released from education through —
全国人民代表大会常务委员会关于严禁卖淫嫖娼的决定 — The decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on strictly prohibiting prostitution —
红色恐怖 — Red Terror
无产阶级专政下继续革命理论 — Theory of continuing revolution under the proletariat dictatorship
无产阶级专政 — Dictatorship of the proletariat
爱国主义还是卖国主义? — Patriotism or traitors doctrine?
六七武装暴动 — June 7th armed rebellions
文艺黑线专政论 — Literary and art black line dictatorship theory
群众专政 — Populace dictatorship
接班人 — Political successor
反党反社会主义分子 — Counter-party counter-socialism member
中央农民运动讲习所 — Central peasant movement institute
湖南农民运动考察报告 — Hunan farmer movement investigation report
美国之音 — Voice of America
国民革命与农民运动 — Nationalist revolution and farmer movement
唐山市总同盟罢工 — Tangshan City Alliance strike
开滦煤矿大罢工 — The Kailuan coal mine great strike
变相劳改 — Disguised reform-through-labor
莫斯科公审 — Public trial in Moscow
民主专制 — Democracy or dictatorship
反饥饿、反内战、反迫害运动 — Anti-hunger, anti-civil war, anti-persecution movement
反党反社会主义 — Anti-party, anti-socialism
大纪元时报 — Epoch Times (http://www.epochtimes.com)
Category:六四事件 — Category: June 4th events (1989 Tiananmen Square protests)
一党专政 — One party dictatorship
王刚 — Wang Gang
汕尾事件 — Shanwei Event
民运 — Civil rights movement
六四天安门事件 — June 4th Tiananmen Incident
王文怡 — Wang Wenyi (journalist)
独裁主义 — Dictatorship principle
处女卖淫案 — Virgin prostitution law case
王斌余事件 — Wang Binyu incident
中华人民共和国集会游行示威法 — The PRC Law on mass rallies and demonstrations
Freenet — Freenet
方舟子 — Fang Zhouzi
台湾建国党 — The Taiwan Nation Party (formerly the Taiwan Independence Party)
转化率 — Conversion rate
专制统治 — Dictatorship control
东方专制主义 — Oriental despotism
佟泽民 — Tong Zemin
刘晓光 — Liu Xiaoguang (professional Go player)
彭小枫 — Peng Xiaofeng (anti-Japanese advocate)
劳改 — Reform-through-labor
吾尔开希 — \”Orketh D\”olet
zh-yue:六四事件 — zh-yue: June 4th events (1989 Tiananmen Square protests)
六四內部日記 — June 4th internal diaries
六四遊行 — June 4th parades
全国学联筹委会 — National Student Federation Preparation Committee
必须旗帜鲜明地反对动乱 — Must clearly and unequivocally make public stand, oppose the turmoil
维权绝食接力 — Relay hunger strikes
封从德 — Feng Congde (related to June 4th protests)
钦本立 — Qin Benli (journalist)
绝食 — Hunger strike
政治异议人士 — Political dissident
王丹 (1969年) — Wang Dan (year 1969) (related to June 4th protests)
上海净业社儿童教养院 — Shanghai Jingye Society child reformatory
两岸关系 — Cross-Strait relations (between China and Taiwan)
北京之春雜誌 — Beijing Spring magazine
蒋培坤 — Jiang Peishen (husband of one of the “Tiananmen Mothers”)
東土耳其斯坦流亡政府 — East Turkistan government in exile
东土耳其斯坦 — East Turkistan
百灵庙暴动 — Bailing Temples rebellions
学联 — Student federation
刘晓峰 — Liu Xiaofeng (politician)
东土耳其斯坦解放组织 — East Turkestan Liberation Organization
桥头电厂 — (Qinghai) Qiaotou power plant
善意的独裁者(英文) — Good dictator (English)
新宿西口廣場 — West Shinjuku Square (Traditional characters)
国人暴动 — Chinese riots
丁纪元 — Ding Jiyuan
卢多维克·阿里奥斯托 — Ludovico Ariosto
国民革命与农民运动 — Nationalist revolution and farmers’ movement (in China)
弗拉基米尔·弗谢沃洛多维奇 — Vladimir Vsevolodovich
東京都道新宿副都心十號線 — Tokyo Road on the 10th line to Tokyo Shinjuku district center
六四事件 — June 4th events (1989 Tiananmen Square protests)
江泽民 — Jiang Zemin
中宣部 — Chinese Central Propaganda Department
赵紫阳 — Zhao Ziyang
Category:六四事件 — Category: June 4th events (1989 Tiananmen Square protests)
专政 — Dictatorship (party)
专制 — Dictatorship
一党专政 — One party dictatorship
六四天安门事件 — June 4th Tiananmen Incident
共匪 — Communist bandit
独裁 — Dictatorship
邓力群 — Deng Liqun
太子党 — Crown Prince Party
江八点 — Jiang’s eight points
全国学联 — National students federation
safeweb — safeweb
黄菊 — Huang Ju
民运 — Civil rights movement
支那派遣軍 — Japanese troops sent to invade China
全国农民运动会 — The National Farmers Games
六四天安門事件 — The June 4th Tiananmen event
司法院大法官 — Judicial yuan grand justices
多维尔 — Deauville, a town in France
大参考 — Dacankao Daily News
希特勒 — Hitler
南京大屠杀 — Nanjing Massacre
北莱茵-威斯特法伦 — Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)
罢工 — Strike
Category:南京大屠杀 — Category: Nanjing Massacre
阿道夫·希特勒 — Adolf Hitler
群众专政 — Populace dictatorship
反党反社会主义分子 — Counter-party counter-socialism member
美国之音 — Voice of America
法轮功 — Falun Gong
西藏流亡政府 — The Tibetan government in exile
自由亚洲电台 — Radio Free Asia (RFA)
色情 — Pornography
大纪元时报 — Epoch Times (http://www.epochtimes.com)
汕尾 — Shanwei
佟泽民 — Tong Zemin
六四 — June 4th
国际地质科学联合会 — International geological scientific federation (Beijing)
Category:中俄边界问题 — Category: Sino-Russian border issue
2.5-2.6反革命暴动 — 2.5-2.6 counter-revolutionary riot
阿塞拜疆独立共和国 — The Independent Republic of Azerbaijan
东土耳其斯坦解放组织 — East Turkestan Liberation Organization
酷刑 — Brutal torture