Pleasetake a bit of your time to look and participate in this currentcampaign.
ChenGuangCheng is a blind lawyer in China. He is also a civil rightsactivist and helped in drawing international attention to humanrights issues in rural areas of China. After talking to Timemagazine about the forced abortion cases in Shandong Province, theauthorities arrested him under the accusation of destructionof property and assembling a crowd to disrupt traffic(which is a frame in order to get an innocent man into jail). He wassentenced to four years and three months in prison.
Afterhe was released, Chen GuangCheng was put under House Arrest by thegovernment for no reason. Chen and his wife, along with their sixyear old daughter, are forbidden to leave their house. Securityguards make sure that no one can come and visit the family. Manyattempts of supporters have been made to visit Chen and his family,however they were turned away by force, threatened, robbed, and insome cases beaten severely. 
Chen’sten year old son is forced to live with relatives in order tocontinue schooling. He is only allowed to see his family once a year,on New Year’s Eve. Chen’s six year old daughter who was supposedto start First Grade was rejected from the school. Even though she isnow able to attend school, four to five ‘bodyguards’ place herunder strict supervision by following her to all her classes. Thegirl is not allowed to play with others, she is not allowed to comeinto contact with others, toys and books sent to her from friendswere all taken away.
Thefamily remains under house arrest to this day.
Allthis was done, because a blind lawyer spoke out against the interestsof the Chinese Government. The government has no reason to place theChen family under house arrest. They have no right to cut a six yearold girl away from society. Nor should they separate a ten year oldboy from his family. 
Thiscampaign is called DarkGlasses. Portrait.It was started in order to support the family. Put on a pair of darkglasses (sunglasses/blindfold), ask a friend to take a portrait ofyou, write a few words about your thoughts (can be in English!), andsend the picture to [email protected].The pictures are gathered at
Pleasehelp in spreading the word. I as an individual may not be able to domuch, but the least I can let more people know about this. I as anindividual may not be heard, but at least I can motivate other peopleto speak out with me.
Thankyou very much for your time, I appreciate it if you wouldparticipate.

Inprayers for a better day.