MC:Kat 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是杨琳要问的:放鸽子

Kat: Welcome to today’s how to say it in American English! I’m Kat! Yanglin…Yanglin,  say hello to our audience! What’s wrong with you? why are you so mad?

YL:Ok…ok…观众朋友们,我今天太倒霉了! 我被人放鸽子了!

Kat: 鸽子?I’m sorry, am I missing something? Because there are no pigeons here…

YL: Well…放鸽子的意思嘛…就是你跟别人约好,结果对方却没来! 诶?美语里这个该怎么说?

Kat: Oh! You had arranged to meet somebody, and then that person was a no-show!
YL: A no-show? 哦我明白了。 把 no 和  s-h-o-w “show” 放在一起,no-show,就是“没来,爽约”。

Kat: Yes!  But Yanglin, who was this no-show? Your boyfriend?

YL: 嗯….怎么说呢。我约好去见一个从来没见过面的男生,是别人介绍的,就算是……相亲吧!

Kat: Oh, I got it!! You had a blind date!

YL: A blind date? 把blind和date放在一起, blind date, 就是相亲吗?

Kat: Exactly. So when you arranged to meet someone that you’ve never met before, and go out on a date, that’s what we call a blind date. The only problem is these blind dates don’t usually turn out very well, do they?

YL: 就是!   I waited for this guy for a whole hour! 就像这个男生,直接放我鸽子,害我白等,真不像话!

Kat: In this case, you say “I got stood up”! 我被人放了鸽子。

YL: stood up ? 站着? 我可没站着傻等啊!

Kat:不是不是不是. If you “stand somebody up”, it means you don’t turn up for your arranged event.
YL: 哦! 我明白了! 不去约会,放别人鸽子,叫 stand someone up。而我是被放鸽子,所以你说我–got stood up!

Kat: Exactly! 太聪明啦! Alright, let’s go over what we’ve learned today!

YL: 第一,“爽约,没来”,可以说 no-show;
第二,放别人鸽子,可以说 stand someone up;
第三,“相亲”可以说 blind date!

MC:这次的 “美语怎么说” 就到这里了。如果你也有不会说的词,请写信给Kat, 电邮请寄[email protected]