Racial Discrimination Enquiries and Complaints
By Southern Democratic Alliance Hong Kong


Hong Kong is committed to promote equal opportunities for people of all ethnics in the city.

To educate people for ethnic equality, receive complaints and enquiries, hotline is set up by Southern Democratic Alliance Hong Kong.

Scope of Complaints
Anyone who has experienced racial discrimination can contact us.

Lodging a Complaint
Tel: 51381394 Limbu Saran Kumar (English and Nepalese)
27714787 James Lung Wai Man (English and Chinese, voice mail provided)

Mail: Southern Democratic Alliance Hong Kong
Address: Room C, 2/F, Arthur Commercial Building, No 33 Arthur Street, Yaumatei.

Fax: 27714788
Email: [email protected]

Procedures for Handling a Complaint
In Hong Kong, a bill has been passed to protect people from all ethnics in the city to prevent from racial discrimination since 2008.

If a complaint involves individuals or private organization, we have no legal power to order them to do according to the Racial Discrimination Ordinance.

However, after investigation, we can provide a report and launch a compliant to Equal Opportunity Commission if it is in need.

An interview will be taken before we start the investigation.

Enquiry Service and Other Work of Southern Democratic Alliance Hong Kong
You can call us for enquiries about racial discrimination. You can come to our office to get information about racial discrimination via booking.

We provide programs for schools and organizations to promote ethnic equality.

Personal Information Collection Statement
Southern Democratic Alliance Hong Kong respects personal data privacy and strictly follows the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486).


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