Isaac Mao | How we recall from social memory? #OIPS

蜡像如人,人如蜡像 by IsaacMao
蜡像如人,人如蜡像, a photo by IsaacMao on Flickr.

Today on morning, I was mentioned on Twitter linking me back to one of my old pictures on Flickr:

RT @fryan: @beijingcream @chrisstrongmelb did a reverse image search on it and found this on @isaac’s Flickr account

Actually I can’t even remember when I posted this on my flickr. I have very good habit of collecting some snapshot on Flickr, but seldom review them. I just regard them as archive and wait for someday to use it. But search engine, like Google Image Search,help others recall it for me. This is amazing.

Later,@fryan prompted me on a derived image: which I don’t have time to tell which is more original yet.


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