1942 seemed to be a film with metaphors
instead of historical fact. I wonder this is due
to the cencorship or the film makers have not ready for really big


With respect of the part played by
the Christianity, it is odd there were only funny acts of a local
priest and pessimistic
talkings of a western priest. Is this
the director’s phase about the current situation of Christianity in


The representative of landlords, the
role played by Zhang Guoli, showed scarcely the least nobility and
the only difference between him and the poor folks is the stock of
food, no more wisdom, no more virtue. Is this same
as today? If it is, another top-down change/revolution will be
possible and reasonable.


The film showed obvious pity to the
leader of that time Chiang Kai Shek, too large country,
too more corrupt officials, too poor
countrymen……It is an impossible mission to rule such a large
country. Why not to give back the right and liberty to the


I do not understand why the folks
suffering drought fled, which make them lost and suffered more when
leaving the least protection of roofs. Why did they not organize to
help each other except to gather together and rob the rich? Have
peoples who were ruled from their birth from one generation to
another lost the capability of autonomy?


Largest state with the smallest
people! Even the cough of a foreign leader is more important than
thousans of folks’ starving to death. What a country!


Life of Pie by Li An, a wonderful and beautiful
film! I consider no director born in PRC could make such a film.
Ability of imagination and sense of beauty will only be nurtured in
a society appreciating beauty and truth.


This is obvious unusual dreamy
experience and I never want to be personally on the scene for lack
of a strong heart and firm faith. When leaving the cinema, I said
to myself that the fate of zebra will be mine.




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