I need a new cloud-based technical assistant(TA) for the coming one year.  My previous assistant has been upgraded to research fellow, so the position is open again.  I’m recruiting a new one to cover the following works:

  • Manage my authoring works including book and column writings, on their schedule and proofreading, translation and publishing
  • Team coordination including outlooking several online/offline projects either for-profit or non-profit
  • Travel arrangement including ticketing, payments, and meeting arrangements
  • Document works to brainstorm, prototype, propose, calculate and archive

You need to be smart, open and skillful with most of cloud-based tools, and versatile in most of creative tools(yED, Gephi etc., programming with Processing, Python preferable but not necessary) .  I don’t care where you are, just work over cloud, all around clock, but never mind of working hours upon results. No midnight phone call from me, never.

The compensation is simple package of 500$/month, via Paypal.

Contact? you can find me any ways….


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