@Amazon Customer:Most honest book I’ve ever read on the subject!


@Conor Burns:I gave this book five stars for numerous reasons. In the words of Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”The author entices the reader with a simple and concise, yet eloquent and complete explanation of socialism. I’m sure this will go down as one of the greatest texts ever written on the subject. I found myself furiously consuming the words on each page, totally engrossed in the text. It seemed I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! I highly recommend this book to anyone studying the subject of socialism as it is sure to give you the best possible understanding of the subject.I would especially suggest this seminal work to any and all supports of Bernie Sanders as this will give you unbelievable insight on exactly what he has been espousing for years. If you read the text and study it carefully, I promise you will have a near doctoral command and understanding of socialism.

(我给了这本书五颗星的原因很多。用爱因斯坦的话来说,“如果你不能简单地解释它,你就不能很好地理解它”。作者向读者提供了一个对社会主义的简单的、有说服力的、完整的解释。我相信这将成为有关这个主题的最伟大的文献之一。我发现自己疯狂地-1S并完全沉浸在每一页的文字中。 看来我不能够把页面翻的太快了! 我强烈推荐这本书给任何研究社会主义学科的人,这肯定会带给你最好的理解。我特别提出这个开创性的建议给所有伯尼·桑德斯的支持者,这也是他这么多年来一直支持的东西,你将因此获得难以置信的洞察力。 如果你仔细阅读并研究,我保证你对社会主义将会有近乎专家级的理解。)

@Nick:Very well thought out facts offered to the reader.


@Rook:I came in a skeptic, but the author manages to capture the essence of socialism in a way I’ve yet to see from others orators on the topic. This book may conflict with some of the ideas expressed by the uprising socialist movements in the USA, but, in conjunction with their ideas, the text guides the reader through a thorough history of socialism to a near complete understanding of the ideology.

(我起初怀着一种怀疑的态度,但作者试图以我还没有从其他人那里看到的方式来捕捉社会主义的本质。 这本书可能会与美国社会主义运动所表达的一些观点相冲突,但是,本书结合他们的观点,引导读者通过一个彻底的社会主义结果论角度来认识这个近乎完整的意识形态。)

@Amazon Customer:Really a great, compelling read. Only downside is no hardback edition.

(真的是引人入胜的阅读。 唯一的缺点是没有精装版。)