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80K Brother

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八万哥 (Bāwàn Gē) 80K Brother

80K Brother flaunts his wealth. (Source: Mop)
Jackie_郑文’s bill, as posted on his Weibo account. (Source: Weibo)

Nickname for "Jackie_郑文" who posted a bill on his Sina Weibo account of more than RMB 80,000 from a dinner he shared with nine friends. Details from Jackie’s microblog account suggested he was a student at the Central Party School, and there was widespread speculation that Jackie belonged to the rich second generation.

On September 2, 2011, “Jackie_郑文” posted a bill from a dinner he shared with nine other friends on his Sina Weibo account. The bill included a number of exorbitantly priced exotic dishes, including giant salamander (a nationally-protected endangered species), Australian lobster, king crab, Kobe beef, and 15-year-old Maotai liquor. The total bill was more than RMB 80,000 (about $12,525).

In his own defense, Jackie stated, “The dinner was so expensive because the prices were so high. I had no choice” (我吃这个饭这么贵是因为餐费这么贵。我也没有办法).

When details of the dinner and Jackie’s other ostentatious shows of wealth [zh] became public, netizens reacted strongly and dubbed him “80K Brother.” Netizen reaction to this conspicuous consumer mirrored the uproar over Guo Meimei just months earlier.