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80K Brother

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Bāwàn Gē 八万哥

80K Brother flaunts his wealth. (Source: Mop)
Jackie_郑文’s bill, as posted on his Weibo account. (Source: @Jackie_郑文/Weibo)

Nickname for notorious Weibo user Jackie_Zhengwen (@Jackie_郑文), who posted a receipt for a RMB 80,000 (USD 12,383) dinner in 2011.

On September 2, 2011, Weibo user Jackie_Zhengwen posted a photo of the receipt from a dinner he shared with nine friends. The bill included exorbitantly priced exotic dishes, including giant salamander (a nationally-protected endangered species), Australian lobster, king crab, Kobe beef, and 15-year-old Maotai. The total cost was over RMB 80,000.

Details from "Jackie's" microblog account suggested he was a student at the Central Party School, and there was speculation that he belonged to the rich second generation. Angry netizens dubbed him "80K Brother," after the price he seemed to be so proud of.

In his own defense, Jackie wrote, "The dinner was so expensive because the prices were so high. I had no choice."

As of May 2, 2016, Jackie's Weibo account has been wiped clean of all posts as identifying information.

The furious reaction to Jackie's conspicuous consumerism mirrors the uproar over Guo Meimei months earlier.

See also rich second generation.

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