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Always unbearable

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随时上不了 (suí shí shòu bù liào): always unbearable

This is a common phrase used in the microblog account of Cui Chenghao, a fictional North Korean living in China.

Cui Chenghao is a patriotic North Korean whose statements about American imperialists and Korean superiority are actually ironic criticisms of Chinese government and society.

Below are a few sample posts:


Our leaders' charisma cause the people to be united. It is always unbearable when they leave us.


Capitalist societies are currently experiencing great tragedy. As this photo shows, American youth, once strong and full-fleshed, have suffered from the unemployment crisis and become nothing but skin and bones. It’s always unbearable.


His alert eyes make it always unbearable for the enemy.


These are delegates to a meeting of city representatives. They represent the people and can always express the will of the people. In imperialist countries only the capitalists views matter. It’s always unbearable.


The Milky Way belongs to North Korea. At this grave site, archeologists have uncovered ancient rock carvings dating back 2,000 years. These rock carvings illustrate that we have sovereignty over the Milky Way.


Typical cell phone.


North Korea is one of the few countries left in the world with mounted police. When gas is unavailable we are still able to eliminate the enemy.