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Anti-corruption warrior princess

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反腐女战士 (fǎn-fǔ nǚ zhànshì): anti-corruption warrior princess

Guo Meimei.
Lu Xingyu.

Sarcastic title given to Guo Meimei and Liu Xingyu in the summer of 2011. Both women claimed to work for charities while at the same time flaunting their considerable wealth online. Outrage over their lifestyles of conspicuous consumption served as a rallying cry against corruption while causing great mistrust of charities.

Guo Meimei in particular was the cause of considerable controversy because she claimed to work for the Red Cross Society of China and was later proven to be the mistress of a top charity official. The phenomenon of mistresses in China receiving expensive gifts and well-paying jobs has directed public anger towards the mistresses and their sugar daddies, who are often government officials.

Lu Xingyu, the daughter of tycoon Lu Junqing, was running the China-Africa Project Hope, a charity building schools in Africa. An investigation by the Southern Metropolis Daily found a number of lies perpetuated by the organization, including affiliation with the United Nations. Chagrined netizens took to calling Ms. Lu “Lu Meimei,” after Ms. Guo.

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