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Backbone Award

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脊梁奖 (jǐ liang jiǎng): The Backbone Award

This award is given to people who have made exceptional contributions in the arts. Recently, the award has been embroiled in controversy because there have been allegations that candidates for the award had to pay 9800 RMB in order to be considered.

When CCTV host, Ni Ping (倪萍) was given a Backbone Award, author Li Chengpeng (李承鹏) quipped, “[She] truly is the nation’s backbone, which explains why the nation is having back problems” (确实是共和国脊梁,只是得了颈椎病).

Since the controversy, the official website for the award has been shut down.

Ni Ping.jpg

Ni Ping Receiving the Backbone Award


Insert money -- get award.