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Bloody demolition

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血拆 (xiě chāi): bloody demolition

Forced evictions are a major source of social unrest in China. Frequently, those who feel they were not fairly compensated have forcibly resisted the demolition of their homes. There are also reports of self-immolation as a form of protest against property seizures and home demolitions. Sometimes the demolition of buildings in a particular area has been the cause of "mass incidents."


Man injured during the forced demolition of homes


This map locates areas where violent land confiscation incidents have taken place. The beds represent reported deaths, the volcanoes represent mass incidents. The fires represent reported instances of self-immolation.


Along with the houses being scrapped is a copy of the Property Law recently passed in 2007.


Man: "The government steals people's homes."

Child: "The government is the big bad wolf."

Woman: "The government plunders the people's property."


Sustainable development: houses are confiscated by the government and then resold, confiscated and then resold . . .