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Blue Daddy

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蓝爸爸 (lán bà bà): blue father

Blue father refers to Father Smurf. Father Smurf is a symbol for communism generally and for Karl Marx specifically.

Father Smurf has been linked to Karl Marx because of his distinctive white beard and for his role in saving the smurfs from Gargamel who is a symbol for capitalism (he wants to turn the smurfs into gold). His red hat and red trousers (Father Smurf is the only smurf to wear red) are also said to be symbols of communism (see here [English]), and here [Chinese]).

Blue father.jpg
Communist smurf.jpg
Brainy Smurf, the only smurf who seems discontent with the communitarian life of the smurfs (and the only smurf to wear glasses), is said to represent Trotsky.jpg who was exiled by Stalin for criticizing the Communist regime.