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[[Category:Lexicon]][[Category:Society and Culture]]

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nǎocán 脑残

New Chinese character combining the "brain" and "damaged." (Source: Hecaitou 和菜头)

Stupid, moronic; incapable of thinking straight; mentally crippled by Party ideology or nationalism.

Huangzhaoxuan (@黄照旋): Let's human flesh search this idiot. This brain-damagedness will only frighten people away from KFC. Boeing makes the most money, but would you dare protest them? (July 17, 2016)

人肉一下这个傻逼,这种脑残也只有到肯德基吓唬普通老百姓的本事。波音飞机最赚钱,敢到航空公司抗议吗? [Chinese]

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