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“Chicken butt” is GDP (鸡滴屁 jī dī pì).
“Chicken butt” is GDP (鸡滴屁 jī dī pì).
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[[Category: Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon]]
[[Category: Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon]]

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Bureau of Statistics spokesman Sheng Laiyun at a 2010 press conference. (Chen Jingchao/Xinhua)

捅鸡局 (Tǒngjī Jú): Bureau of Dicking Around

Pejorative, homophonous nickname for the National Bureau of Statistics (统计局 Tǒngjì Jú), long criticized for providing unreliable data. When last checked on February 25, 2014, “Bureau of Dicking Around” was blocked from search results on Sina Weibo.


National Bureau of Dicking Around Reports 2011 “Chicken Butt” Increased 9.2% from Previous Year~Haha~~


“Chicken butt” is GDP (鸡滴屁 jī dī pì).