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====Latest Entries====
====Latest Entries====
''Updated June 28, 2021''
''Updated September 13, 2021''
* [[National Security Law for ordinary people, ordinary law for National Security people]]
* [[paratrooper]]
* [[Settled Sky]]
* [[Japanese in spirit]]
* [[Milk Tea Alliance]]
* [[American in spirit]]
* [[Laam caau]]
* [[Taliban in spirit]]
* [[Online pursuit]]
* [[pass the knife]]
[[Category:English Content]]
[[Category:English Content]]

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Welcome to the Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon

The Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon is a glossary of memes, nicknames, and neologisms created by Chinese netizens and encountered in online political discussions. The project is named in honor of the grass-mud horse, the de facto mascot of Chinese internet users who deploy coded language to avert censorship and allude to their desire for freedom of information and expression. By systematically documenting and interpreting the dynamics of censorship, domination, and resistance in Chinese communication and information networks, the Lexicon aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the internet's cultural, social, and political impact. Learn more about the project and how you can contribute.

Latest Entries

Updated September 13, 2021


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