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==Citizen Bios 公民简介==
=Citizen Bios | 公民简介=
[[File:YueXin.jpg|thumb|200px|right|''Labor rights activist [[Yue Xin]]'']]
[[File:YueXin.jpg|thumb|200px|right|''Labor rights activist [[Yue Xin]]'']]

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Citizen Bios | 公民简介

Labor rights activist Yue Xin

CDS's Citizen Bios showcase liberal intellectuals and outspoken critics in contemporary China. They are a diverse group, including bloggers, activists, physicians, Olympic athletes, citizen journalists, professors, filmmakers, and more. The CDT editors continue to add and update profiles, so check back here for the latest.

Scroll down to browse profiles in English, and read more in Chinese at 人物馆.

New Profiles

Updated June 28, 2021