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天朝上锅 (Tiāncháo shàng guō): The Celestial Empire goes into the pot
<h3>''Tiāncháo shàng guō'' 天朝上锅</h3>
In Mandarin, this sounds nearly the same as 天朝上国 (Tiāncháo shàng guó) which means “[[Celestial Empire]] above (all other) nations.” The phrase is a sarcastic reference to China.
Sounds like "[[celestial dynasty]] above all nations" (''Tiāncháo shàng guó'' 天朝上国).
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Tiāncháo shàng guō 天朝上锅

Sounds like "celestial dynasty above all nations" (Tiāncháo shàng guó 天朝上国).