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Check the water meter

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抄水表 (chāo shuǐbiǎo): check the water meter

Top: We’re here to check the water meter! Bottom: He says their water meter is outside.

Euphemism for a house call from the police. Instead of demanding to be let in, police have been known to pretend to be from the water utility to coerce residents into opening their doors. Also appears as 查水表 (chá shuǐbiǎo).


Shahulongmeier (@沙狐隆美尔): Deutsche Welle published an interview with Ai Weiwei, but I dare not post it here. Otherwise... killers will come a long way here to check the water meter.(April 3, 2014)

德国之声发了对ai wei wei的采访,可惜不敢发,不然就。。。。杀手远程上门抄水表。。。[Chinese]

See also drink tea.