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See also [[calamity TV]] and [[big boxer shorts]].
See also [[calamity TV]] and [[big boxer shorts]].
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[[Category:Lexicon]][[Category:Censorship and Propaganda]]

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“CCAV: Against pornography, violence and vulgarity.” (Artist: Chris Qie)
“CCAV: On site and providing you with all the gossip.” (Source:
CCTV program on anti-pornography efforts. (Source:
Completed in May 2012, the new CCTV headquarters is as known as the Big Boxer Shorts. (Source:
A netizen points out an intriguing gaff. (source unknown)
The CCTV tower, a.k.a. the Big Boxer Shorts under construction. (Source:

Derogatory nickname for CCTV (China Central Television), the state-run national network. “AV” is Chinese slang for “adult video,” i.e. pornographic film.

CCAV became a popular term after CCTV’s evening news broadcast a piece about the need to crack down on pornographic videos. The term is often used to describe CCTV when the media organization's actions seem particularly hypocritical.

CCTV is often finds itself the target of netizen mockery. One Weibo user posted the following criticism of CCTV’s reporters:

Baguaxiliyan (@八卦犀利眼): Big Boxer Shorts and CCAV reporters are always itching to strip others naked in front of the camera. A single speck of dust found is enough to send the reporters into a fit of mental frenzy and endless sexual agitation. Yet, their own flies are left wide open, exposing a hideous sight...(PS: In recent days, CCAV has incessantly covered Guo Meimei and her involvement in prostitution. Yet, CCAV is afraid to disclose how many of their anchorwomen have been penalized by the Commission for Discipline Inspection for sleeping with high officials.)


Han Han, China’s most popular blogger, took aim when the new CCTV headquarters—then still under construction—caught fire in early 2009.

See also calamity TV and big boxer shorts.