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Crotch Central Committee

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档/裆/挡中央 (dàng/dāng/dàng zhōng yāng): (sounds like) The Central Committee of the Communist Party

Instead of the character for Party, 党 (dǎng), other characters that sound similar are used. These characters, 档,裆,挡 mean file, crotch, and block respectively. The real character, 党, is not used because netizens feel it is such a loaded term and perhaps also for fear of it attracting online censors.

Ai Weiwei holding a grass-mud horsestuffed animal over his crotch. Combining the obscenity behind the word "grass-mud horse" and Ai Weiwei's action (blocking the center of his crotch), this image conveys the sentence, "Fuck you, Party Central Committee!"
Han Han's magazine. The image on this cover suggests the sentence "The Party Central Committee has guns." Not surprisingly, Han Han struggled to win approval to publish his magazine.