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Crotch Central Committee

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Dāng Zhōngyāng 裆中央

“Blocking the center” with a grass-mud horse, Ai Weiwei says, “Fuck you, Party Central Committee.” (Artist: Ai Weiwei)

Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, the powerful decision-making body that comprises the most powerful Party leaders. The character “party” (党 dǎng) is replaced with “crotch” (裆 dāng). Substitutes like “file” (档 dàng) or “block” (挡 dǎng) may also be used. “Crotch Central Committee” is blocked from Weibo search results as of September 10, 2014.


Caozhanglao (@草长老): Guo Meimei saved sugar daddies; Zhou Yongkang saved the Crotch Central Committee. (August 4, 2014)

搞臭郭美美,挽救干爹腿;搞臭周永康,挽救裆中央。 [Chinese]