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[[File:wocaonima.jpg|400px|thumb|left|Crouching grass mud horse]]
[[File:wocaonima.jpg|400px|thumb|left|Crouching grass mud horse]]
[[Category: Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon]]

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卧草泥马 (wò cǎo ní mǎ): crouching grass-mud horse

This is a type of grass-mud horse. In the fictional account of grass-mud horses, they are, in descending rank, crazy grass-mud horses, crouching-grass mud horses, and ordinary grass-mud horses. In Chinese “crouching-grass mud horse” sounds like “I fuck your mother.” Sometimes the character 沃, meaning “fertile” is used in place of 卧 meaning “crouching or lying.”

The grass-mud horses live on “crouching grass” (卧草), which sounds like “I fuck” (“fuck me” in American slang). The river crabs endanger the grass mud horses by threatening their supply of “crouching grass.”

Crouching grass mud horse