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[[File:wocaonima.jpg|400px|thumb|left|Crouching grass mud horse]]
[[File:wocaonima.jpg|400px|thumb|left|Crouching grass mud horse]]
[[Category: Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon]]

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卧草泥马 (wò cǎo ní mǎ): crouching grass-mud horse

This is a type of grass-mud horse. In the fictional account of grass-mud horses, they are, in descending rank, crazy grass-mud horses, crouching-grass mud horses, and ordinary grass-mud horses. In Chinese “crouching-grass mud horse” sounds like “I f**k your mother.” Sometimes the character 沃, meaning “fertile” is used in place of 卧 meaning “crouching or lying.”

The grass-mud horses live on “crouching grass” (卧草), which sounds like “I f**k”(f**k me in American slang). The river crabs endanger the grass mud horses by threatening their supply of “crouching grass.”

Crouching grass mud horse