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Daddy Xi

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Xí Dàda 习大大

Exchange student share their admiration for "Daddy Xi" in a People's Daily video. (People's Daily via @tomgrundy)

Term of endearment for President Xi Jinping.

In an effort to bring Xi closer to the people, state media often call him "Daddy Xi." "Daddy" comes from the Shaanxi dialect of Mandarin. Xi’s father, Xi Zhongxun, was born in Shaanxi, so "daddy" is a nod to this heritage. It can also mean "uncle," but either way connotes familiarity and warmth.

Netizens have riffed on "Daddy Xi" to highlight its patronizing tone. For instance, when hundreds of students at Beijing Normal University welcomed President Xi to campus with signs and cheers, some netizens remarked that these Xi fans "have everything but daddy."

The "Daddy" in "Daddy Xi" is sometimes written with the single character 夶.

See also Dama Era.