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Death by nightmare

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做噩梦(死)(zuò èmèng (sǐ)): death by nightmare

"He died suddenly of a nightmare." (Artist: Zhuhuiqing)

Suspicious cause of inmate Li Wenyan's death claimed by prison officials.

//This is another in a long string of prison deaths that were attributed to outlandish causes. Other incidents include: "death from drinking boiled water,” "death from suffocation by quilt," “death from playing hide and go seek,” “death from hanging,” “death from over excitement” and “death from slipping and falling.”

In this case, prisoner Li Wenyan was reported dead after calling out from a nightmare. The family was suspicious that this was the actual cause of his death, especially after noticing large bruises on Li's forehead. For more about this case, please see here.

What's Up With "Naturally"?: Recently, a criminal surnamed Wang in the Nehe Prison in Heilongjiang had relations with the wife of a certain Officer Li. And the surveillance video was "naturally" lost? In '09 a young man from Yunnan, Li Qiaoming, died from "hide-and-seek" in detention, and the camera was "naturally" broken; in the same year Li Wenyan from Wuhan died from a nightmare while in detention, and the surveillance hard disk was "naturally" broken. Government credibility has been eroded by responisble leaders failing to see this footage and not recognizing the mistake. Do you believe it? I do!