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Despise one’s father for not being Li Gang

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The road sign reads, “Friends, slow down a bit; your father is not Li Gang.”

恨爹不成刚 (hèn dié bù chéng gāng): despise one’s father for not being [Li] Gang

This phrase sounds almost the same as the Chinese idiom, “despise iron for not being steel” (恨铁不成钢 hèn tiě bù chéng gāng), a phrase used to express resent towards someone for their failure to meet expectations or lack of improvement.

The variant, “despise one’s father for not being [Li] Gang,” refers to the Li Gang Incident, in which young and intoxicated driver Li Qiming attempted to shirk responsibility for killing a pedestrian by invoking the government position of his father. Li Qiming is exemplary of the governing second generation. The phrase is used to ask rhetorically, "Why was I not born into a privilege?" or "Why can't I escape the legal consequences of my actions?"