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Egg fried rice

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蛋炒饭 (dàn chǎo fàn): egg fried rice

This is a reference to the death of Mao Zedong’s oldest son, Mao Anying. Mao, who had studied abroad in Russia, volunteered to fight in the Korean War and was assigned to be Peng Dehuai's Russian translator. In violation of military regulations forbidding the lighting of fires during the daytime, Mao Anying lit a fire to cook some fried rice with eggs. The eggs were a rare delicacy at the time and had been just been sent to Peng Dehuai from Kim Il-sung. Apparently spotting the smoke from the fire, an American plane attacked, dropping napalm bombs on the site. Unable to escape the burning structure in which he was located, Mao perished in the flames.

For a critical account of Mao Anying and his death, see here (Chinese).