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Elephant of truth

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真象 (zhēn xiàng): the elephant of truth

“Elephant of truth” sounds like “the truth” or “the actual situation” (真相). (See "don't understand the actual situation.") In the subversive mythology of online internet creatures, the elephant of truth is the largest animal in the Mahler Desert and is the only animal that poses a threat to the river crabs. The elephant of truth does not show itself unless called. It vanished sixty years ago (when the PRC was established) but has reappeared recently, perhaps aided by the thriving population of grass-mud horses and valley doves. The elephants of truth have been known to smash river crabs to bits; however, the river crabs have at times scaled the elephants and, while unable to kill the animals, have clawed deep into their eyes, ears and mouths. The one animal that can rescue the elephants of truth from the river crabs are the “reed storks” (苇鹳). “Reed stork” sounds the same as "surround and watch" (围观). When the elephants of truth are paired with the reed storks (i.e, when people scrutinize the actual truth) they form an invincible force.

The river crabs naturally despise the elephants of truth and call them "cloth chirping elephants of truth" which sounds like don't understand the actual situation.

真象-又名噬石真象,地球最古老物种,中土稀有物种,最具传奇色彩的生物。生性低调,行踪隐秘,不经召唤不会自动现身。曾在中土大陆绝迹近60 年,近年才因古鸽、草泥马及部分劳白猩的召唤而再次出现。以石为食,身躯庞大,力大无穷,是中土唯一能直接攻击并杀死兔公的生物。皮糙肉硬,无法被现有任 何生物杀死,魍屏猿及脑蚕均对其无计可施。但河蟹能够爬上真象身躯,叮咬其皮肤乃至钻入其眼耳口鼻骚扰之,虽不能杀死真象但会迫使其离开。此时只有一种鸟 类可以啄去这些河蟹,即“苇鹳”。

"I beg you, elephant of truth!!" (Sounds like "I beg (to know) the truth.")