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Expensive country

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贵国 (guì guó): expensive country

Sarcastically refers to China. The character 贵 can be an honorific way to refer to “your” but can also mean expensive. One reason this term is popular is because of discontent over high prices; 贵国 is a country in which house prices, fuel, access to power, medical costs, etc. are all too costly.

“贵国”的本义指“友邦”,但在网络世界里,您千万别这么理解,“贵(跪)国”已经有新的含义,是许多论坛,帖吧的违禁词语。大概是因为网友 们对房价贵,油价贵,权贵,医疗贵,学费贵...总之除了百姓的命贱之外,什么都贵,就算要死了,殡葬费和墓地还越来越贵,相死都不得好死啊!所以“贵 (跪)国”一词在特定的时代被赋于新的含义。

Made up character combining in one the characters for expensive and country