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chī bǎo le méi shì gàn de wàiguórén 吃饱了没事干的外国人

While speaking to a group of overseas Chinese in Mexico in 2009, Xi Jinping, China's then heir apparent, declared:

There are some foreigners who have eaten their fill and have nothing better to do then point their fingers at our affairs. China does not, first, spread revolution; second, export poverty and hunger; or third, cause trouble for you. What else is there to say?

有些吃饱了没事干的外国人,对我们的事情指手画脚。中国一不输出革命,二不输出饥饿和贫困,三不去折腾你们,还有什么好说的。 [Source]

Xi’s remarks were embraced by the sphere of nationalist Chinese bloggers. The title of a blog post that originally appeared on Xinhua proclaimed, "Awesome! Xi Jinping bashes overly stuffed foreigners with nothing to do!" (习近平痛批有些吃饱了没事干的外国人,痛快!)

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