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[[File:freefromturmoil.jpg|600px|thumb|center|''"Immovable," "non-complacent," "free from turmoil."'']]
[[File:freefromturmoil.jpg|600px|thumb|center|''"Immovable," "non-complacent," "free from turmoil."'']]
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不折腾 (bù zhē téng): free from turmoil

This phrase comes from a northeastern dialect of Chinese but was made popular in Mandarin by Hu Jintao in a speech commemorating the Communist Party in January 2009. In the speech he stated: “As long as we remain immovable, as long as we do not become complacent, as long as we are free from turmoil and steadfastly push forward reforms, and steadfastly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics—then we will certainly realize this great blueprint and win this grand struggle.” (只要我们不动摇、不懈怠、不折腾,坚定不移地推进改革开放,坚定不移地走中国特色社会主义道路,就一定能够胜利实现这一宏伟蓝图和奋斗目标。”)

This is in line with Hu Jintao’s consistent efforts to promote “harmony” and “social stability.”

For more discussion of Hu Jintao’s use of this term see, here (Chinese).

不折腾,中国北方广大地区一个城乡老少皆知的一个民间用语。折腾原来有三层涵义:翻过来倒过去,反复做某事,折磨。而不折腾,顾名思义,则是拒绝反复,拒绝翻转,拒绝折磨。这是一种对人、事、信仰的坚持,是一种坚定不移的精神。胡锦涛主席在纪念中国共产党的十一届三中全会召开30周年大会上,用北方方言 “不折腾”来表明中国坚持“社会主义”的决心。在国家语言层面上出现“不折腾”,体现了中国共产党亲民心的态度,近年来随着网络语言的不断崛起,国家语言也开始了质的飞跃,不再紧扣政治主题,而是在政治性语言中体现民本化。 (From Baidu)

"Immovable," "non-complacent," "free from turmoil."