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Frisbee Hu

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飞盘胡 (Fēipán Hú): Frisbee Hu

‘Frisbee Hu’ was re-popularized during the Southern Weekly protests of 2013. Weibo user @QingMeisu quipped on January 8 about “that cruel moment when the dog nabs the frisbee.”

Amid the fallout of the Bo Xilai scandal, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times published an editorial entitled Bo’s Case Shows Resilience of Rule of Law.

Netizens were scornful of the attempt to find a silver lining in the scandal, wondering why, if the rule of law was so resilient in China, Bo was not questioned earlier for a pattern of alleged misconduct that stretched over decades.

One Weibo user posted his two reactions to Hu Xijin’s comments:

1) Master Hu has a knack for finding the tasty morsels in any turd you stick in his mouth. 2) No matter how far his masters throw the Frisbee, Master Hu will always fetch it back for them.

1、什么屎到了胡老师嘴里都能吃出甜味来 2、主人的飞盘甩得再远,胡老师都能给她叼回来

“Frisbee Hu” is an editor that will eagerly take a positive spin on whatever facts the government throws him.

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