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Fu Guoyong

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Fù Guóyǒng | 傅国涌

Fu Guoyong (b. 1967) is a popular writer and independent historian whose work focuses on Chinese intellectual history from the late imperial period to the present. Hailing from Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, Fu studied to become a teacher. He has written and edited dozens of books, including a biography of martial arts novelist Jin Yong. He is currently based in Hangzhou.

Fu has conducted extensive research on Lin Zhao, an outspoken critic of Mao who was executed for her beliefs. In 2014, Fu wrote an essay titled "Lin Zhao and Her Era" (林昭和她的时代) in which he argued that "her life really started the moment she was executed" and that "Lin Zhao’s era will not end until we can freely talk about her in Mainland China."

The essay briefly resurfaced in April 2020 (Lin Zhao was executed on April 29, 1968) before being censored again.

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