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Go with the flow

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suí Bō zhú Liú 随波逐刘

Pun on the idiom"go with the flow"; coded support for Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo.

Netizens changed the final character in the four-character Chinese idiom "go with the flow" (suí bō zhú liú 随波逐流) from liú 流 to Liú 刘, Liu Xiaobo's surname. The new phrase sounds identical to "go with the flow," but means "follow [the example of] Liu Xiaobo."

This subversive pun may have first appeared in a December 2009 article by Australia-based dissident Zhang Heci titled "Let Us Follow [Xiao]bo and Pursue Liu" (Ràng wǒmen suí Bō zhú Liú 让我们随波逐刘).


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