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Go with the flow

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随波逐刘 (suíbō zhú Liú): go with the flow

This is a veiled reference to Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Liu Xiaobo.

Netizen changed the final character in the four-character Chinese idiom meaning “go with the flow” (随波逐流 suíbō zhú liú) from “流” (liú) to “刘” (Liú), Liu Xiaobo's surname. The new phrase sounds identical to “go with the flow,” but actually means “follow and pursue [the example of] Liu Xiaobo.”

The most frequent mention of this phrase on the iInternet is a reference to an article by Australian-based dissident Zhang Heci, in which he mourns Liu's eleven year sentence and closes by calling readers to follow and pursue the example of Liu Xiaobo.