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<blockquote>请问正腐官员收取的巨额犬只管理费都用在了什么地方?! [[ '''Source''']]</blockquote>
<blockquote>请问正腐官员收取的巨额犬只管理费都用在了什么地方?! [[ '''Source''']]</blockquote>
<feed url="feed://" entries="5">
'''{DATE}, by {AUTHOR}'''
[[Category: Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon]][[Category:Corruption]][[Category: Resistance Discourse]]
[[Category:Lexicon]][[Category: Resistance Discourse]][[Category:Corruption]]

Latest revision as of 12:23, 13 November 2021

正腐 (zhèngfǔ) govern-rot

Tearing the “rot” out of “government.” (Wang Jing and Xie Hui)

Homophonous with “government” (政府), but the characters can mean “totally rotten” or “completely corrupt.” Blocked from Weibo search results as of September 10, 2014.

Example: Deleted Weibo post captured by FreeWeibo:

麦穗佛: May I ask, those huge sums of money that govern-rot officials collect for dog registration fees, where do they get used?! (September 4, 2014)

请问正腐官员收取的巨额犬只管理费都用在了什么地方?! [Source]