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Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon
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[[Introduction to the Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon]]
[[File:Caonima.jpg|150px|right|thumb|''I'm a [[grass-mud horse]].'']]Browse a selection of lexicon entries by topic below. A complete list of entries in [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinyin ''pinyin''] order is available [[Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon: Browse by Pinyin|here]].
  1. 爱国贼 (ai guo zei) "Patriotraitor" (patriot + traitor)
'''Word of the Week:''' Featured entry from the lexicon, posted every week to the [http://chinadigitaltimes.net/ China Digital Times] front page.
=Internet Ecosystem=
*[[grass-mud horse]]
*[[Mahler Gobi]]
*[[mystical country]]
*[[river crab]]
*[[yax lizard]]
  1. 被时代 (bei shi dai) era of passive tense
=Party and State=
  2. 被代表,被自杀,被增长,被墙奸, 被XX (bei dai biao, bei zi sha, bei zeng zhang, bei zengjian, beiXX) bei-represent, bei-suicide, bei-increased, bei-GFW, bei-XX
*[[Celestial Empire]]
  3. 不明真相 (bu ming zhen xiang) don't understand the actual situation
*[[Crotch Central Committee]]
  4. 布鸣真象 (见:真象) (bu ming zhen xiang see: zhen xiang)cloth chirp elephant of truth (see elephant of truth )
*[[expensive country]]
  5. 不要乱说话 (bu yao luan shuo hua) do not make irresponsible remarks
*[[kneeling country]]
  6. 别有用心 (bie you yong xin) ulterior motives
*[[relevant department]]
  7. 不差钱 (bu cha qian) no shortage of money
  8. 不折腾 (bu zhe teng) free from turmoil
=Society and Culture=
*[[demolish it]]
*[[get soy sauce]]
*[[rich second generation]]
  1. 草泥马 (cao ni ma) grass-mud horse
=Health and Environment=
  2. 叉腰肌 (cha yao ji) iliopsoas
*[[Chai Jing blue]]
  3. 拆哪 (chai na) demolish it
*[[ditch oil]]
  4. CCAV China Central Adult Video
*[[donate my ass]]
  5. 纵做鬼,也幸福 (zong zuo gui, ye xing fu) Even the destruction is a blessing
*[[self-improvement never breathes]]
  6. 初级阶段 (chu ji jie duan) primary stage [of socialism]
*[[smog the people]]
  7. 此贴必删 删前留名 (ci tie bi shan, shan qian liu ming) This post to be deleted. Before it is deleted please leave your name.
  8. Chinternet China + Internet
=Censorship and Propaganda=
*[[China Central Adult Video]]
*[[Cutlassfish Zhou]]
*[[Fifty Cent Party]]
*[[Great Firewall of China]]
*[[sensitive porcelain]]
  1. 都是你妈逼的 (dou shi ni ma bi de) Your mother forced this on us
=Quotable Communist Party=
  2. 大清 (da qing) The Empire of the Great Qing
*[[don't understand the actual situation]]
  3. 帝都 (di du) imperial city
*[[old friends of the Chinese people]]
  4. 档中央 (dang zhong yang) The Central Committee of the Communist Party
*[[seven don't mentions]]
  5. 躲猫猫 (死)(duo mao mao si) hide-and-go seek (death)
*[[truth of the universe]]
  6. 低俗 (di su) vulgar
*[[whether you believe it or not, I do]]
  7. 打酱油 (da jiang you) getting soy sauce
  8. 党性大发 (dang xing da fa) give free reign to one's "Party" nature
  9. 大裤衩 (da ku cha) the big boxer shorts
  10. 钓鱼执法 (diao yu zhi fa) entrapment
  11. 打疫苗 (da yi miao) get immunized
  12. 地沟油 (de gou you) ditch oil
  13. 毒大米 (du da mi) poison rice
  14. 毒奶粉 (du nai fen) poison milk powder
  15. 大中华局域网 (da zhong hua ju yu wang) The Great Chinese LAN (local area network)
*[[cured meat]]
*[[Daddy Xi]]
*[[egg fried rice]]
*[[governing second generation]]
*[[naked official]]
  1. 翻墙 (fan qiang) to scale the wall
=Rule of Law=
  2. 非法献花,非法吃喝,非法默哀,非法XX (fei fa xian hua, fei fa chi he, fei fa mo ai, fei fa XX) illegal dedication of flowers, illegal eating and drinking, illegal silent tribute, illegal XX
*[[check the water meter]]
  3. 俯臥撐 (fu wo cheng) push-ups
*[[drink tea]]
  4. 饭醉 (fan zui) rice-drunk
*[[law is not a shield]]
  5. 房奴 (fang nu) mortgage slave
*[[national treasure]]
  6. 粪青 (fen qing) fenqing, shit youth
  7. 斧头帮 (fu tou bang) axe gang
*[[passive era]]
*[[surround and watch]]
*[[take a walk]]
*[[your country (your China)|your country]]
  1. 感谢国家 (gan xie guo jia) thanks to the country
[[分类:Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon]]
  2. 贵国 (gui guo) expensive country
  3. 跪国 (gui guo) kneeling country
  4. 官府 (guan fu) local fiefdom
  5. 国宝 (guo bao) national treasure
  6. 国家罗汉 (guo jia luo han) nation's arhat / nation's gangster
  7. 功夫网 (gong fu wang) kung fu net
  8. 广电总急 (guang dian zong ji) The radio, film and television administration is always anxious
  9. 光腚肿菊 (guang ding zhong ju) bare bottom swollen anus
  10. 怪蜀黍 (guai shu shu) strange sorghum
  11. 灌狸猿 (guan li yuan) watered weasel ape
  12. 谷鸽 (gu ge) valley dove
  13. 骨哥 (gu ge) bone brother
  14. GFW Great Firewall of China
  15. Great Fucking Wall: (See GFW)
  1. 河蟹 (he xie) river crab
  2. 猴蛇 (hou she) monkey-snake
  3. 糊煮席 (hu zhu xi) muddled cooked banquet
  4. 黑板狐 (hei ban hu) the blackboard fox
  5. 好五倍 (hao wu bei) a good five times better than
  6. 皇储 (huang chu) heir apparent
  7. 喝茶 (he cha) drink tea
  8. 喝开水 (死) (he kai shui si) death from drinking boiled water
  9. 很黄很暴力 (hen huang hen bao li) very erotic, very violent
  10. 含泪劝告 (han lei quan gao) tearfully urge
  11. 火星文 (huo xing wen) Mars script
  12. 换锅子没 (huan guo zi mei) have you changed to (using) a dish?
  1. 菊花文 (ju hua wen) [[chrysanthemum script]]
  2. 局域网 (ju yu wang) see: [[The Great Chinese LAN (local area network)]]
  3. 见过大爷 (jian guo da ye) [[have you seen grandfather]]
  4. 甲型H1N1流感 (jia xing H1N1 liu gan) [[influenza A virus subtype H1N1]]
  1. 跨省追捕 (kua sheng zhui bu) [[captured across provincial lines]]
  2. 开胸验肺 (kai xiong yan fei) [[thoracotomy]]
  3. 狂草泥马 (kuang cao ni ma) [[crazy grass-mud horse]]
  1. 绿坝娘 (lv bei niang) [[green dam girl]]
  2. 滤霸, 驴爸 (lv ba, lv ba) [[filter tyrant, donkey father]]
  3. 绿爸爸 (lv ba ba) [[green father]]
  4. 蓝爸爸 (lan ba ba) [[blue father]]
  5. 裸体做官 (luo ti zuo guan) [[naked official]]
  6. 临时性强奸, 临时性XX (lin shi xing qiang jian, lin shi xing XX) [[temporary rape, temporary XX]]
  7. 淋巴县长 (lin ba xian zhang) [[Mayor Lymph]]
  8. 林貌杨音 (lin mao yang yin) [[Lin imitates Yang's voice]]
  9. 鲤冈鲃 http://chinadigitaltimes.net/chinese/2010/10/“我爸是李刚”催生网络神兽鲤冈鲃!(图)/
  1. 马勒戈壁 (ma le ge bi) [[Mahler Desert]]
  2. 目田 (mu tian) [[eye-field]]
  3. 敏感瓷 (min gan ci) [[sensitive porcelain]]
  4. 某黑帮 (mou hei bang) [[a certain gang]]
  5. Ma de in china [["f**k" in China]]
  1. 纳米比亚 (na mi bi ya) [[Namibia]]
  2. NC (见:脑残) (See: nao can) See: [[brain-damaged]]
  3. 脑残 (nao can) [[brain-damaged]]
  4. 你是哪个单位的? (ni shi na ge dan wei de?) [[Which work unit are you from?]]
  1. P民 (P min) [[P people]]
  2. 屁民 (pi min) [[rabble]]
  3. 贫二代 (pin er dai) [[poor second generation]]
  1. 墙 (qiang) [[wall]]
  2. 墙奸 (qiang jian) [[wall raped]]
  3. 墙国 (qiang guo) [[wall nation]]
  4. 墙国论坛 (qiang guo lun tan) [[wall nation forum]]
  5. 墙裂(谴责) (qiang lie qian ze) [[wall crack condemn]]
  6. 禽肛 (qin gang) [[bird anus]]
  7. 70码 (70 ma) [[70 KPH]]
  8. 欺实马 (qi shi ma) [[horse of deception]]
  9. 去毛 (qu mao) [[hair removal]]
  10. 秋雨含泪 (qiu yu han lei) [[autumn rain has tears]]
  11. 穷二代: (见:贫二代) (qiong er dai See: pin er dai) see: [[poor second generation]]
  12. 情绪稳定 (qing xu wen ding) [[emotionally stable]]
  13. 岂能因为声音微小而不呐喊 (qi neng yin wei yin sheng wei xiao er bu na han) [[how can we not speak out just because our voice is small]]
  1. 让领导先走 (rang ling dao xian zou) leaders first
  1. 山寨 (shan zhai) mountain stronghold
  2. 神兽 (shen shou) mythical creatures
  3. 神奇的国度 (shen qi de guo du) mystical country
  4. 深情献菊花 (shen qing xian ju hua) dedicate a chrysanthemum with deep feeling
  5. 散步 (san bu) take a walk
  6. 上吊吊 (shang diao diao) hung to death
  7. 三聚氰胺 (san ju qing an) melamine
  8. 三鹿 (san lu) Sanlu
  9. SB会 (SB hui) SB Conference
  10. 伤害中国人民的感情 (shang hai zhong guo ren min de gan qing) hurt the Chinese people's feelings
  11. 省长 (sheng zhang) governor
  1. 天朝 (tian chao) Celestial Empire
  2. 天朝上锅 (tian chao shang guo) Celestial Empire goes into the pot
  3. 天朝P民 (tian chao P min) P people of the Celestial Empire
  4. 兲朝 (见:天朝) (tian chao See: tian chao) See: Celestial Empire
  5. 体育墙国 (ti yu qiang guo) wall country in athletics
  6. 替党说话,还是准备替老百姓说话? (ti dang shuo hua, hai shi zhun bei ti lao bai xing shuo hua?) Will you speak for the Party, or are you prepared to speak for the people?
  7. TG
  1. 稳腚 (wen ding) stable bottom
  2. 围观 (wei guan) surround and watch
  3. 围观五猫 (wei guan wu mao) surround and watch five cats
  4. 微勃 (wei bo) slight erection
  5. 微软 (wei ruan) Microsoft
  6. 蜗居族 (wo ju zu) snail dwelling tribe
  7. 伟光正 (wei guang zheng) great, glorious and correct
  8. 伟大的墙 (wei da de qiang) great wall
  9. 为人民币服务 (wei ren min bi fu wu) serve the renminbi
  10. 五毛 (wu mao) fifty cents
  11. 五毛谠 (wu mao dang) fifty cents honest
  12. 五号 (wu hao) number five
  13. 卧草泥马 (wo cao ni ma) crouching grass mud horse
  14. 五月三十五日 (wu yue san shi wu ri) The thirty-fifth of May
  15. 我爸爸叫李刚 http://globalvoicesonline.org/2010/10/22/china-my-father-is-li-gang/
  1. 县长 (见:淋巴县长)(xian zhang See: lin ba xian zhang) See: Mayor Lymph
  2. 熊猫: (见:国宝) (xiong mao See: guo bao) See: national treasure
  3. 相關部門 ((见:有关部门) (xiang guan bu men See: you guan bu men) See: relevant departments
  4. 西朝鲜 (xi chao xian) West Korea
  5. 信韩寒不脑残 (xin han han, bu nao can) Believe in Han Han and you won't be a retard
  6. 信艾神,原地满状态复活 (xin ai shen, yuan di man zhuang tai fu huo) Believe in the god Ai and be completely resurrected on the spot
  7. 心神不宁 (xin shen bu ning) disturbed
  8. 下一盘很大的棋(xia yi pan hen da de qi) play a big game of chess
  9. 萱萱 (xuan xuan) daylily
  1. 影帝 (ying di) movie star
  2. 亚克蜥 (ya ke xi) Yax Lizard
  3. 一小撮 (yi xiao cuo) a small bunch
  4. 殃视 (yang shi) calamity TV
  5. 羊叫兽 (yang jiao shou) sheep calls to the beast
  6. 远程爱国者捣蛋 (yuan cheg ai guo zhe dao dan) long distance patriot makes mischief
  7. 压力差 (ya li cha) pressure differential
  8. 有司 (you si) official
  9. 有关部门 (you guan bu men) relevant department
  1. 这事儿不能说太细 (zhe shi'er bu neng shuo tai xi) This cannot be explained in great detail.
  2. 周老虎 (zhou lao hu) Tiger Zhou
  3. 正龙拍虎 (zheng long pai hu) upright dragon pats the tiger
  4. 真理部 (zhen li bu) Ministry of Truth
  5. 真象 (zhen xiang) elephant of truth
  6. 暂住 (zan zhu) temporary residence
  7. 转世 (zhuan shi) reincarnate
  8. 砖家 (zhuan jia) brickspert
  9. 做噩梦(死)(zuo e meng si) death from nightmare
  10. 专业孙子 (zhuan ye sun zi) professional grandchild
  11. 职业孙子 (见:专业孙子) (zhi ye sun zi See: zhuan ye sun zi) career grandchild (see: professional grandchild)
  12. 中国人民从此战栗起来了 (zhong guo ren min cong ci zhan li qi lai le) The Chinese people have begun to tremble
  13. 中国人需要管的 (zhong guo ren xu yao guan de) Chinese people need to be controlled
  14. 中国的互联网是开放的 (zhong guo de hu lian wang shi kai fang de) China's internet is open
  15. 转发就是力量 (zhuan fa jiu shi li liang) Reposting is power

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