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# [[compare fathers]] [[拼爹]]
# [[compare fathers]] [[拼爹]]
# [[despise one’s father for not being Li Gang]] [[恨爹不成刚]]
# [[despise one’s father for not being Li Gang]] [[恨爹不成刚]]
# [[donate your sister]] [[捐你妹]]
# [[donate my ass]] [[捐你妹]]
# [[governing second generation]] [[官二代]]
# [[governing second generation]] [[官二代]]
# [[governor]] [[省长]]
# [[governor]] [[省长]]

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“I'm a grass-mud horse.”

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The Grass-Mud Horse Ecosystem

  1. 70 kph 70码
  2. bone brother 骨哥
  3. cloth-chirping elephant of truth: see elephant of truth 布鸣真象
  4. crazy grass-mud horse 狂草泥马
  5. crouching grass mud horse 卧草泥马
  6. elephant of truth 真象
  7. grass-mud horse 草泥马
  8. horse of deception 欺实马
  9. Mahler Gobi 马勒戈壁
  10. monkey-snake 猴蛇
  11. mystical country 神奇的国度
  12. mythical creatures 神兽
  13. poison jackal 毒豺
  14. ridged carp-barbel 鲤冈鲃
  15. river crab 河蟹
  16. sheep calls to the beast 羊叫兽
  17. valley dove 谷鸽
  18. watered weasel-ape 灌狸猿
  19. yax lizard 亚克蜥

The Great Firewall of China

  1. Chinternet
  2. chrysanthemum script 菊花文
  3. Do you have children? 你有孩子吗?
  4. Great Firewall of China 防火长城 (GFW)
  5. Great Chinese LAN 局域网
  6. great wall 伟大的墙
  7. Hu Zhanfan style 胡占凡体
  8. Kung Fu Net 功夫网
  9. Martian script 火星文
  10. Microsoft 微软
  11. scale the wall 翻墙
  12. shouting font 咆哮体
  13. slight erection 微勃
  14. wall
  15. wall crack condemn 墙裂(谴责)
  16. wall nation 墙国
  17. Wall Nation Forum 墙国论坛
  18. wall-rape 墙奸
  19. We have made a tough decision 做了一个艰难的决定

Censorship and Propaganda

  1. be “Tuoed” 被“庹”
  2. Blue Daddy 蓝爸爸
  3. China’s Internet is open 中国的互联网是开放的
  4. disturbed 心神不宁
  5. Do you have children? 你有孩子吗?
  6. erotic and violent 很黄很暴力
  7. fifty cents honest 五毛谠
  8. Fifty Cent Party 五毛党
  9. filter tyrant, donkey father 滤霸, 驴爸
  10. give the people some tape 给人民一个胶带
  11. Green Dam Girl 绿坝娘
  12. Green Daddy 绿爸
  13. How can we not speak out just because our voice is small? 岂能因为声音微小而不呐喊?
  14. Jingde Town 景德镇
  15. reincarnate 转世
  16. Reposting is power 转发就是力量
  17. in town 镇上: see Jingde Town
  18. number five 五号
  19. seven don’t mentions 七不讲
  20. surround and watch five cats 围观五猫
  21. this post must be deleted; before it is deleted please leave your name 此贴必删 删前留名
  22. truth of the universe 宇宙真理
  23. use the Internet “scientifically” 科学上网
  24. sensitive porcelain 敏感瓷
  25. understand the motherland 了解祖国
  26. vulgar 低俗

State-Owned Media

  1. The Backbone Award 脊梁奖
  2. Big Boxer Shorts 大裤衩
  3. calamity TV 殃视
  4. CCAV China Central Adult Video
  5. disturbed 心神不宁
  6. The Fabricator 胡编
  7. Frisbee Hu 飞盘胡
  8. global flying dog 环球飞狗
  9. Have you seen grandfather? 见过大爷?
  10. Lin imitates Yang’s voice 林貌杨音
  11. Muddled-Shit Times 混球屎报
  12. People's Daily Explosion 人民日爆
  13. Representative Rui 芮代表
  14. Screwing People Post 日人民报
  15. erotic and violent 很黄很暴力

Safety and the Environment

  1. destruction experiment 破坏性实验
  2. ditch oil 地沟油
  3. get immunized 打疫苗
  4. “harmony” high-speed train 和谐号
  5. influenza A virus subtype H1N1 甲型H1N1流感
  6. “fuck” in China Ma de in China
  7. melamine 三聚氰胺
  8. mild collision, mild XX 轻度追尾, 轻度XX
  9. mountain stronghold 山寨
  10. poison milk powder 毒奶粉
  11. poison rice 毒大米
  12. pressure differential 压力差
  13. Sanlu 三鹿
  14. slip 侧滑
  15. smog the people 喂人民服雾
  16. This cannot be explained in great detail. 这事儿不能说太细
  17. TM/TMD: see WTF
  18. town disaster 镇灾
  19. WTF?! 他妈的
  20. Zhou self-castration 周自宫

Prison and Law Enforcement

  1. pursue across provincial lines 跨省追捕
  2. death from drinking boiled water 喝开水死
  3. death by nightmare 做噩梦(死)
  4. entrapment 钓鱼执法
  5. hide-and-seek (death) 躲猫猫 (死)
  6. hung to death 上吊吊
  7. illegal dedication of flowers, illegal eating and drinking, illegal silent tribute, illegal XX 非法献花 非法吃喝,非法默哀,非法XX
  8. rice-drunk 饭醉

Sex Scandals

  1. ass-high miniskirt 齐B小短裙: see godfather
  2. godfather 干爹
  3. It's because he's gifted. 那是人家的本事
  4. it’s not rape if you wear a condom 戴避孕套不算强奸
  5. Lei Zhengfu 雷政富
  6. lovely anti-corruption sisters 反腐姐妹花
  7. P people P民
  8. "room-opening" bureau chief 开房局长
  9. several women 多名女性
  10. strange sorghum 怪蜀黍

Government Departments and Functions

  1. bare bottom swollen anus 光腚肿菊
  2. Bird Anus 禽肛
  3. Bureau of Dicking Around 捅鸡局
  4. contemptible committee 贱委
  5. Genie 萱萱
  6. stability maintenance 维稳
  7. medicine-wicked-chrysanthemum 药奸菊
  8. Ministry of Bullying 霸道部
  9. Ministry of Foreign Assistance 援交部
  10. Ministry of Truth 真理部
  11. panda 熊猫
  12. national treasure 国宝
  13. SARFT is always anxious 广电总急
  14. relevant department 有关部门
  15. stable bottom 稳腚
  16. Stiff Fish 僵鱼

Memorable Government Quotes and Stock Phrases

  1. China’s Internet is open 中国的互联网是开放的
  2. do not make irresponsible remarks 不要乱说话
  3. don’t understand the actual situation 不明真相
  4. Do you have children? 你有孩子吗?
  5. emotionally stable 情绪稳定
  6. fitting shoe 合鞋
  7. five no’s 五不搞
  8. five times better 好五倍
  9. foreigners who have eaten their fill and have nothing better to do 吃饱了没事干的外国人
  10. free from turmoil 不折腾
  11. half-hearted suicide attempt 试探性自杀
  12. How were you so unfortunate as to be born in China? 谁叫你不幸生在中国了
  13. hurt the Chinese people’s feelings 伤害中国人民的感情
  14. idle chit-chat 闲扯淡
  15. I’m late 我来晚了
  16. it’s not rape if you wear a condom 戴避孕套不算强奸
  17. law is not a shield 法律不是挡箭牌
  18. leaders first 让领导先走
  19. not one was man enough 竟无一人是男儿
  20. P people P民
  21. preliminary stage (of socialism) 初级阶段
  22. push-ups 俯卧撑
  23. Shanwei form 汕尾体
  24. shitizen 屁民
  25. sixty-two percent 百分之六十二
  26. slip 侧滑
  27. small bunch 一小撮
  28. temporary rape 临时性强奸
  29. This cannot be explained in great detail. 这事儿不能说太细
  30. this is a miracle 这是一个奇迹
  31. truth of the universe 宇宙真理
  32. ulterior motives 别有用心
  33. vacation-style therapy 休假式治疗
  34. whether you believe it or not, I do 至于你信不信,我反正是信了
  35. Which work unit are you from? 你是哪个单位的?
  36. Will you speak for the Party, or are you prepared to speak for the people? 你是替党讲话,还是替老百姓讲话?
  37. Without forced demolitions there can be no new China. 没有强拆就没有新中国

Dissidents and Resistance

  1. 2011 loan 辛卯借款
  2. believe in Han Han and you won’t be brain-damaged 信韩寒不脑残
  3. believe in the God Ai and be completely resurrected on the spot 信艾神,原地满状态复活
  4. buried alive 活埋
  5. check the water meter 抄水表
  6. The Chinese people have begun to tremble 中国人民从此战栗起来了
  7. drink tea 喝茶
  8. empty chair 空椅子
  9. Escape to Victory 胜利大逃亡
  10. eye-field 目田
  11. go with the flow 随波逐刘
  12. guard in military coat 军大衣
  13. harmonious 和谐
  14. How can we not speak out just because our voice is small? 岂能因声音微小而不呐喊?
  15. love the future 爱未来
  16. I will be a person 我要作人
  17. jasmine 茉莉花
  18. Mayor Lymph 淋巴县长
  19. new five black categories 新黑五类
  20. take a walk 散步
  21. Thirty-Fifth of May 五月三十五日
  22. understand the motherland 了解祖国
  23. unusual method 非正常方式

Rich and Poor

  1. 80K Brother 八万哥
  2. anti-corruption warrior princess 反腐女战士
  3. compare fathers 拼爹
  4. despise one’s father for not being Li Gang 恨爹不成刚
  5. donate my ass 捐你妹
  6. governing second generation 官二代
  7. governor 省长
  8. Guo Meimei 郭美美baby
  9. How were you so unfortunate as to be born in China? 谁叫你不幸生在中国了
  10. I only serve the leaders 我只为领导服务
  11. moderate level of corruption 适度腐败
  12. my father is Li Gang 我爸是李刚
  13. Namibia 纳米比亚
  14. no shortage of money 不差钱
  15. poor second generation 贫二代
  16. Project Hopeless 没希望工程
  17. red pad 红派壹号
  18. rich second generation 富二代
  19. screw you
  20. serve the renminbi 为人民币服务
  21. smile in fountains of booze 含笑酒泉
  22. steelyard weight 秤砣
  23. take turns having sex 轮流发生性关系
  24. thoracotomy 开胸验肺

Forced Demolitions

  1. demolish it (Chai na) 拆哪
  2. Without forced demolitions there can be no new China. 没有强拆就没有新中国
  3. bloody demolition 血拆
  4. The Panjin 盘锦号
  5. subconsciously shoot 下意识开枪

Government Officials

  1. 80K Brother 八万哥
  2. be “Tuoed” 被“庹”
  3. Blackboard Fox 黑板狐
  4. Captain Bo 薄督
  5. core 核心
  6. cured meat 腊肉
  7. dedicate a chrysanthemum with deep feeling 深情献菊花
  8. egg fried rice 蛋炒饭
  9. governor-general 都督: see Captain Bo
  10. govern-rot 正腐
  11. hair removal 去毛
  12. heir apparent 皇储
  13. How has your family been recently? 家里最近怎么样?
  14. Hu 77 胡77
  15. instant noodles 方便面: see Master Kang
  16. King Who Pacified the West 平西王
  17. Master Kang 康师傅
  18. movie star 影帝
  19. muddled cooked banquet 糊煮席
  20. My father is Li Gang 我爸是李刚
  21. naked official 裸官
  22. Namibia 纳米比亚
  23. nine presidents 九个总统
  24. official 有司
  25. career grandchild 职业孙子
  26. professional grandchild 专业孙子
  27. red pad 红派壹号
  28. Secretary Leung 梁书记
  29. slap on the face 耳光
  30. smile in fountains of booze 含笑酒泉
  31. Stiff Fish 僵鱼
  32. nine elders 九长老
  33. tomato 西红柿
  34. Uncle House 房叔
  35. Watch Brother 表哥表叔表嫂

High Prices

  1. snail dwelling tribe 蜗居族
  2. Can I swear? 我能说脏话吗?
  3. no shortage of money 不差钱
  4. mortgage slave 房奴
  5. Nobel Prize dollars 诺贝尔币
  6. Panbi 潘币
  7. vicious garlic, play with beans, and other similar phrases 蒜你狠、豆你玩系列

References to China, the National Congress, and the Party

  1. certain gang 某黑帮
  2. axe gang 斧头帮
  3. Celestial Empire 天朝, 兲朝
  4. Celestial Empire goes into the pot 天朝上锅
  5. chrysanthemum licking party 舔菊党
  6. Party Central Committee 档中央
  7. Empire of the Great Qing 大清
  8. expensive country 贵国
  9. give free reign to one’s “Party” nature 党性大发
  10. great, glorious, and correct 伟光正
  11. imperial capital 帝都
  12. kneeling country 跪国
  13. local fiefdom 官府
  14. mystical country 神奇的国度
  15. nation’s arhat / nation’s gangster 国家罗汉
  16. P people of the Celestial Empire 天朝P民
  17. Parents of Foreigners Congress 外国人的家长会
  18. play a big game of chess 下一盘很大的棋
  19. shocking proposals 天雷提案
  20. soy sauce committee members 酱油委员
  21. Stupid Sessions 二会
  22. Sparta 斯巴达
  23. TG 土共
  24. wall country in athletics 体育墙国
  25. West Korea 西朝鲜


  1. always unbearable 随时受不了
  2. shit youth 粪青
  3. long distance patriot makes mischief 远程爱国者捣蛋
  4. old friends of the Chinese people 中国人民的老朋友
  5. thanks to the country 感谢国家
  6. the new five black categories 新黑五类
  7. patriotraitor 爱国贼

Chinese Society and Popular Culture

  1. act cute 卖萌
  2. ass-high miniskirt 齐B小短裙
  3. autumn rain has tears 秋雨含泪
  4. be X-ed 被代表,被自杀,被增长,被墙奸, 被XX
  5. brain-damaged 脑残
  6. brickspert 砖家
  7. Chinese people need to be controlled 中国人是需要管的
  8. even the destruction is a blessing 纵做鬼,也幸福
  9. General Naked Ape 裸猿将军
  10. get soy sauce 打酱油
  11. Have you changed to (using) a dish? 换锅子没
  12. iliopsoas 叉腰肌
  13. Jia Junpeng, your mother is calling you home for dinner 贾君鹏,你妈妈喊你回家吃饭
  14. Lin imitates Yang’s voice 林貌杨音
  15. passive era 被时代
  16. SB Conference SB会
  17. surround and watch 围观
  18. tearfully urge 含泪劝告
  19. temporary residence 暂住
  20. temporary worker 临时工
  21. thoracotomy 开胸验肺
  22. Tiger Zhou 周老虎
  23. upright dragon pats the tiger 正龙拍虎
  24. you understand 你懂的