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Great, glorious, and correct

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伟光正 (wěi guāng zhèng): great, glorious and correct

The Dragon Boat (Hexie Farm)

The Chinese Communist Party has described itself as “great, glorious and correct” (伟大光荣正确 wěidà guāngróng zhèngquè) for decades. Netizens have turned this term on its head, using it to sarcastically refer to the Party’s stubborn insistence that it is always in the right. For example:

When the country remains underdeveloped it is because the quality of the citizens is too low and domestic conditions are too complicated. When the country develops it is completely because they are great, glorious, and correct.


The phrase sounds like it could be someone’s name. A fake Baidu Encyclopedia entry on Comrade Wei Guangzheng (Chinese) describes a man who always thinks he is right, even though he clearly is not. (The entry no longer exists on Baidu Encyclopedia itself.)