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躲猫猫(死)(duǒ māo māo (sǐ )): Hide and go seek (death)

This refers to the case of Li Qiaoming. While in police custody for illegally chopping down trees, he died from serious head injuries. The prison authorities claimed that the injuries were caused when Li ran into a wall while playing hide-and-go seek with other prison inmates. See here (Chinese), and here (English).

This incident is similar to a number of other incidents such as "death by drinking boiled water," death by hanging," “death by slipping and falling,” “death from having a nightmare,” and “death from being overly excited” (see here (Chinese)).

"Prison hide-and-go seek competition"
Competition for the lamest excuse for a prison inmate's death. In first place is "drank boiled water," in second place is "played hide and go seek," and in third place is "hung himself with his own shoelace."