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It's not rape if you wear a condom

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戴避孕套不算强奸 (dài bì yùn tào bú suàn qiáng jiān): It’s not rape if you wear a condom

This phrase comes from an incident that took place in Southwestern Guizhou province. A government official, Wang Zhonggui, is alleged to have raped a middle school teacher while she was intoxicated. Initially, the public security bureau refused to classify the incident as rape because evidence suggested that Wang wore a condom. However, after the incident was picked up by the media, Wang was eventually arrested, approximately two months after the alleged rape.

For more information, see here (English) and here (Chinese).


The police officer is saying, "It's not rape if he was wearing a condom." Wang Zhonggui, protected in a cocoon-like condom, is identifiable by his official's hat.


The book has the word "law" written on it.