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Laozi says it everywhere (I say it everywhere)

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Lǎozi dàochù shuō 老子到处说

"Laozi says it everywhere: A healthy society cannot have just one voice" (Art: Pineapple Boy, Text: Tudetu)

Play on the words of Dr. Ai Fen, who stopped sharing information on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) after her hospital reprimanded her: "If I had seen this day coming, I would have said it everywhere, criticism or no" 早知道有今天,我管他批评不批评,老子到处说). Laozi (老子) is a colloquial reference to oneself, somewhat akin to "Yours Truly" in English, as well as to the "Old Master" Laozi who gave the world Daoism.

After Dr. Ai's interview with the magazine People was censored, netizens added her rueful statement to images of the Laozi riding his legendary water buffalo to the frontier. According to the Record of the Grand Historian, a sentry at the gate asked Laozi to impart his wisdom before he left so that the kingdom could continue to benefit, and the Old Master obliged by writing it down in the Dao De Jing.

See also digital disobedience.

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